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The Country Club Jade Beach Resort, Chennai – Spoil You with Luxury

October 10, 2015

I work extremely hard round the year and hence when I am on a vacation I do not miss any opportunity to spoil myself with luxury and comfort. I am a fan of beach resorts in particular. A peaceful mind is the perfect niche for new ideas.

For a fashion designer it is important to keep the mind fresh in order to create something unique, new and appealing. If one allows the mind to saturate, the resulting art also becomes dull and lacking in zeal. I take vacations to different parts of the country to keep myself fresh and the new ideas pouring in.

Chennai has presented itself to me in varying colors and attires till now and I have picked up many ideas which will serve my new collection, especially from the Cholamandal Artists’ village and traditional outskirts of the Chennai city.

Country Club Jade Beach Resort Chennai | Image Resource :

The Country club is a renowned enterprise in the field of luxury hotels and resorts. It has a chain of establishments in Southern India and as a matter of fact around the world, known for their unique ambiance and traditional services complemented with the most exquisite amenities and luxury. The Country Club Jade Beach Resort Chennai is a different world altogether where one can spend a beautiful weekend close to the Indian Ocean experiencing the joys of life.

Jade Beach Resort | Image Resource :

If you wish to have an affordable stay at this luxury resort you must book early and you must book online. As the peak season comes, booking prices for this popular resort soar. It is necessary to get a booking early. Several unique dining options are also available at the Jade Resort including a Rooftop Restaurant giving a panoramic view of the city of Chennai. The Garden restaurant is perfect for your fulfilling Breakfasts and the Beach resort is where you would want to spend your serene evenings watching the sun set behind the ocean.

Rooftop Restaurant at Jade Beach Resort | Image Resource :

If you are a nightlife lover like me the DJ blast and Bonfire party are best experiences. The Kerala Ayurvedic Spa which offers medicinal massages is also very popular. Boating, fishing and swimming facilities are also available. Indoor game lovers will also have a delightful experience at the games center of the Country Club Jade Beach Resort. The accessibility is great as the resort is located within a 40 km radius of both the international airport and the Mambalam railway station.


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