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My stay place in hotel Panchmurti Diu – A comfortable stay

March 29, 2014

As we returned to my stay place in hotel Panchmurti Diu, Diu, the hotel staff welcomed us and told that the lunch was ready. The hotel was a very good choice for us. The convenient location of the hotel is the most important advantage of it. The hotel staffs are also very friendly and co-operative. They gave prompt service whenever my friends and I asked for something. The charges of the hotel are also very much affordable. This is an ideal place to stay for the people who are travelling on a budget and are looking for a comfortable stay.

Hotel Panchmurti, Diu

Hotel Panchmurti, Diu | Image Resource:

The hotel has all the basic amenities that are required for a comfortable living. We put up in one of the air conditioned rooms. The room looked absolutely brand new. The bed sheets and all the furniture covers were newly laid. The room had private bathrooms which is a basic necessity these days. The color television was our source of entertainment after returning from our sight-seeing trip in the evening, every day of the trip. During our stay we enjoyed watching a lot of movies in the evenings. The telephone in our room allowed us to ask the hotel staffs for whatever we needed. The hotel had adequate security measures for female guests. This made us feel especially safe.

Hotel Panchmurti,Guest Room

Hotel Panchmurti,Guest Room | Image Resource:

On most days during our stay, we ordered our food by room service, as we were too tired to go to the restaurant of the hotel. The restaurant serves very good food and is quite affordable. The food is delicious and you cannot help but crave for more. The food served by room service is very hot and fresh. The hotel had Wi-Fi facilities because of which we were able to check our mails and visit the popular social networking sites. Internet is a necessity these days and most hotels provide internet facilities for their guests. The coffee shop of the hotel was our destination for having the breakfast. The sandwiches and coffee were really very good. The treatment that we got at my stay place in hotel Panchmurti Diu, Diu made us feel very comfortable and at home.

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