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Hotel Srikamal International Solapur – Making My Stay a Pleasure

June 24, 2014

Though I always prefer to travel and stay in a comfortable hotel or inn when I have to stay out of my city, the trip to Solapur was not a pre planned one and I did not get a chance to check out the list of good hotels there. My friend who had some work to do there was responsible for all the bookings and reservations there. So the rest of us had to depend on her choice. When we reached the premises of Hotel Srikamal International Solapur, I was a bit doubtful whether it was a good choice. For the hotel’s appearance was quite basic and a little old. But our rooms were already booked and so we had no choice but to enter it.

Hotel Srikamal International

Hotel Srikamal International | Image Resource:

We entered the hotel premises around 3.45 in the early morning, so we were just looking for a nice bed where we could just jump into and go to sleep. The next day I got up a little early than the others and looked around the room. We had A/C Super Deluxe Rooms reserved for us. The rooms were spacious and had the basic amenities. The beds were clean and had clean bed sheets spread over them.

Delux Rooms at Hotel Srikamal International

Delux Rooms at Hotel Srikamal International | Image Resource:

The clean and hygienic bathrooms are a prime concern when I stay at a hotel and here it is well maintained to my relief. The balcony does not provide any amazing scene, since the hotel is situated on the heart of the city which makes it well connected with all the tourist destinations of Solapur. The restaurant of the hotel provided multi-cuisine menu. And there are many street side food stalls beside the hotel that caters some tasty breakfast items. We had our breakfast from there.

AC Double Rooms at Hotel Srikamal International

AC Double Rooms at Hotel Srikamal International  | Image Resource:

The location of Hotel Srikant International Solapur allows a well-navigated route to all the nearby destinations around Solapur. The bus stand situated within 3 km also aided in the sightseeing. Since the Bhuikot Fort Solapur is located near the hotel and offers a good spot to visit for the tourists, we made our plan to make a visit to this old fort.

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