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A comfortable stay at Hotel Kamal, Lucknow

April 9, 2015

On reaching Lucknow I went to the Hotel Kamal which I had booked online using a Budget hotels app. The hotel Kamal is a great budget hotel with executive and deluxe rooms which are fully air conditioned. Since, I am single; I do not worry much about luxury hotel stays for me the real fun of a trip is in the travel. 

A budget travel is what I always look for. The Hotel Kamal Lucknow fit extremely well in my schedule and budget. The Hotel Kamal was located very close to the Charbagh railway station and this was one of the main reasons for me choosing the hotel. You don’t want to travel long distances on the busy roads of Lucknow after a rather tiring train journey which was more than a day long.

Hotel Kamal, Lucknow

Hotel Kamal, Lucknow | Image

The hotel Kamal can be reached by bus or taxi from the Charbagh station. It is just 1 km from the station and it takes less than 5 minutes to reach it. The staffs of the Hotel Kamal Lucknow were extremely helpful and they catered to me as soon as I entered the hotel. The Tehzeeb of Lucknow was evident from this welcome. In this the people of Gujarat and Lucknow are very similar. We both love our guests and welcome them with both arms open.  

The hotel Kamal Lucknow is not a very large building and hence is not very crowded. All your needs get catered to very quickly. Free Wi-Fi facility is available in all rooms. The decor and furniture is simplistic and elegant. 

I liked the lighting of the room especially as there was ample room for sunlight to come in. The ventilation was also very good. The main room had a flat LCD television with satellite cable. I enjoyed my stay at the Hotel Kamal mostly because of the ambience and the hygienic setting.

The city of Lucknow is waiting for me. I have a few packed days ahead with a number of items on my itinerary cutting across the length and breadth of the city. My journey will take me through old luck now and new luck now, through the city life and through the suburbs. I am looking forward to my stay.

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