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A Peep Into Heavenly Pleasures At Poovar Island Resort, Kovalam!

February 25, 2016

Hey friends. Thanks for visiting my blog, and inspiring me to write and share my experiences. As you all know, being a fashion designer I have to bring uniqueness in my work. And I get motivated by travelling. I have been to various places all over India and have thoroughly experienced the beauty of…

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Travel Photo of the Week : Aveda Resort & Spa Kerala

February 16, 2016

Aveda Resort & Spa Kerala | Image Resource :

Description : The Aveda Resort & Spa is located in the Kumarakom district of Kerala. It is a star property known for its spa and massage centre with experts trained in the ayurvedic style of body treatments. They also arrange for…

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Travel Photo of the Week : Diana Heights Airport Hotel Kochi

January 12, 2016

Diana Heights Airport Hotel Kochi | Image Resource :

Description : I along with my family got a chance to stay at Diana International Airport Hotel, Kochi on our way back from our Kerala trip as our flight got delayed. It is a luxury hotel available at very affordable pri…

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Palmleaves Beach Resort Trivandrum – An Exotic Luxury Hotel to Stay In Kochi

December 12, 2015

After the lovely visit to Kollam, the Southern backwaters and Alappuzha beach I returned to Trivandrum to my hotel. For my stay in Trivandrum I had booked a hotel in advance. The hotel deals offer helped me in booking Hotel Palm leaves beach Resort at a bargain price. It is one of the best hotels …

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Travel Photo of the Week : Beach Florra Inn Kerala

November 23, 2015

Beach Florra Inn Kerala | Image Resource :

"Beach Florra Inn, Kovalam, Kerala provides a sea view from the balcony that would fill your day with calmness and peace. This place is well-known for its hospitality and budget accommodation. It is only 50 meters away from the Kovala…

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The Country Club Jade Beach Resort, Chennai – Spoil You with Luxury

October 10, 2015

I work extremely hard round the year and hence when I am on a vacation I do not miss any opportunity to spoil myself with luxury and comfort. I am a fan of beach resorts in particular. A peaceful mind is the perfect niche for new ideas.

For a fashion designer it is important to keep the mind fres…

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Travel Photo of the Week : Citrus Hotels Sriperumbudur Chennai

September 18, 2015

Citrus Hotels Sriperumbudur Chennai | Image Resource :

Citrus Hotels Sriperumbudur Chennai : Hotel Citrus at Chennai Sriperumbudur is one of the best places to stay. It is located in a picturesque area and an amazing place for one to capture picture! They offered first-cla…

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A Pleasant and Peaceful Stay : Hotel Star of Kashmir

June 11, 2015

Hotel Star of Kashmir | Image Resource :

The hotel Star of Kashmir is one of the most suitable 3 star hotels in Srinagar. Srinagar is a tourist friendly city and it welcomes thousands of national and international tourists every year. The locals of Srinagar are extremely hospi…

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Travel Photo of The Week: Comfort Inn Hotel Lucknow

April 22, 2015

Comfort Inn Hotel Lucknow

Comfort Inn Hotel Lucknow

Though the services were not so great, the rooms were crafted to perfection. Each room was well equipped with all the essentials for a comfortable stay. It was a budgeted hotel and the quality of food was good. The services however can be improved. I would certainly …

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A comfortable stay at Hotel Kamal, Lucknow

April 9, 2015

On reaching Lucknow I went to the Hotel Kamal which I had booked online using a Budget hotels app. The hotel Kamal is a great budget hotel with executive and deluxe rooms which are fully air conditioned. Since, I am single; I do not worry much about luxury hotel stays for me the real fun of a trip i…

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Travel Photo of The Week: Hotel Deep Palace Lucknow

March 27, 2015

Hotel Deep Palace Lucknow

Hotel Deep Palace Lucknow

Hotel Deep Palace Lucknow: When I, along with my friends, was in Lucknow, we chose to stay in Hotel Deep Palace which was extraordinary from every aspect. Being a designer, I always pick unique places as per my taste (luxurious as well, :D) I was given a treatment li…

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Fine dining and a luxurious stay at the Le Meridien Hotel Jaipur

December 22, 2014

It did not take us a long time to reach the hotel. The Le Meridien Hotel, Jaipur is at a distance of about 24 kilometres from the railway station. We were at the hotel in 40 minutes and as soon as we reached, a porter joined us to assist us with our luggage.

Le Meridien is a 5-star luxurious hotel, b…

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Image of the day : Chandravanshi Pavilion - Sheraton Hotel Jaipur

December 11, 2014

Chandravanshi Pavilion - Sheraton Hotel Jaipur

Chandravanshi Pavilion - Sheraton Hotel Jaipur | Image Resource:

Sheraton Hotel Jaipur: We visited Chandravanshi Pavilion during our Rajasthan Trip. It is located in Rajputana Sheraton near Palace Road. This restaurant is known for the beautiful range of coffees it serves. The dining…

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Image of the day : Taj Rambagh Palace Hotel Jaipur

November 30, 2014

Taj Rambagh Palace Hotel Jaipur

Taj Rambagh Palace Hotel Jaipur | Image Resource:

Taj Rambagh Palace Hotel Jaipur: Taj Ramagh was one of the two hotels we stayed in during our Rajasthan trip. Taj Ramagh is not a hotel; it is a castle “literally”. It is a castle that is converted into a hotel by the Taj grou…

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Hotel Srikamal International Solapur – Making My Stay a Pleasure

June 24, 2014

Though I always prefer to travel and stay in a comfortable hotel or inn when I have to stay out of my city, the trip to Solapur was not a pre planned one and I did not get a chance to check out the list of good hotels there. My friend who had some work to do there was responsible for all the booking…

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Stay In Hotel Heritage Haveli Shubham, Jodhpur - A Comfortable and Homely Stay Indeed

May 11, 2014

All of the night flew while we slept and the day journey was lost amongst gossip, food and sightseeing from the bus window. We had taken the 5:30 bus in the evening from Surat and it would take about 15 hours to Jodhpur, we were told. As the first day merged with the other, time passed seamlessly an…

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My stay place in hotel Panchmurti Diu – A comfortable stay

March 29, 2014

As we returned to my stay place in hotel Panchmurti Diu, Diu, the hotel staff welcomed us and told that the lunch was ready. The hotel was a very good choice for us. The convenient location of the hotel is the most important advantage of it. The hotel staffs are also very friendly and co-operative. …

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