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Gaining Knowledge At The Regional Science Center!

July 30, 2015

A new day and a fresh day, and my subconscious mind was telling me to charge my brain so that I can visit Regional Science Center. From my childhood, I was fascinated about science and used to question my teachers and parents about the logic behind everything I see. The science center was located in…

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Travel Photo of The Week : Hotel Ranjit's Lakeview Bhopal

July 22, 2015

Hotel Ranjit's Lakeview Bhopal | Image Resource :

Hotel Ranjit's Lakeview Bhopal : My love for fashion often takes me to Bhopal and to find a required accommodation becomes difficult. I really appreciate why my friend was insisting on taking Hotel Ranjit’s Lakeview. The place off…

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A Wonderful Experience At The State Museum Bhopal

July 20, 2015

My stay in Bhopal was quite hectic as well as interesting for sure. After sleeping for like 10 hours, I woke up at around 8 in the morning. The deep slumber definitely revived my body cells and I was ready for yet another adventurous and tiring day. Well, today in my list of destinations, the State …

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Van Vihar National Park Bhopal - A Close Look At Our Mother Nature

July 17, 2015

After learning a lot about humankind from the National Museum of Humankind, my next destination was the Van Vihar National Park. After having lunch at one of the restaurants close by, I felt energized and was completely ready to visit my next spot.   

Van Vihar National Park's Entrance| Ima…

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Travel Photo of The Week : Gohar Mahal Bhopal

July 15, 2015

Gohar Mahal Bhopal | Image Resource :

Gohar Mahal Bhopal : It was my one of the finest decisions to visit Gohar Mahal during my trip to Bhopal. The place is located on the banks of Upper Lake and has majestic views to a splendid mansion. It was really wonderful to see a palace t…

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Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya : A Beautiful Experience!

July 13, 2015

Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya | Image Resource :

After visiting the Great Stupa on the first day, I preferred to stay in the hotel room for the rest of the day. However, in the evening I did take a small walk on the road outside. On the second day, I was feeling ab…

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Travel Photo of The Week : Sadar Manzil Bhopal

July 8, 2015

Sadar Manzil Bhopal | Image Resource :

Sadar Manzil Bhopal : Once I reached Bhopal, I started getting pings from my friends to visit Sadar Manzil. I wondered what is so famous about the place, so I went out to visit as it was closer to my hotel. When I reached, it was really worth…

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Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi Bhopal- Time to Connect With Your Inner Self !

July 6, 2015

It was my first day in Bhopal, and it was noon already, hence I decided to visit some nearby places. Upon asking, one of the staffs from the hotel suggested me to go and visit the Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi in Bhopal. It was just 2.4 kms away from the hotel, i.e. from Vidisha Main Road. I knew tha…

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Travel Photo of The Week : Aishbagh Stadium Bhopal

July 3, 2015

Aishbagh Stadium Bhopal | Image Resource :

Aishbagh Stadium Bhopal : Supporting our Indian hockey team on a live ground was something I always wanted to do. I got chance to Bhopal for a client meeting, and coincidentally the local teams were playing against each other. I …

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Travelling From Surat to Bhopal : A Memorable Experience!

July 2, 2015

I believe that travelling and exploring new places is a part of our creative side. Being a fashion designer by profession, I Ketki Shah have always been fond of trying out new designs, concepts, and unique blend of colors. I believe that it is not possible to come up with new designs unless you see …

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