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Quote of the Week - Steve Jobs

October 26, 2015

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It’s a beautiful quote which has a lot of meaning. Steve Jobs there is no greatness in amassing wealth and going to the grave as the richest person in the world. The real happiness lies in going to bed daily with a thought that we have done something wonde…

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The Crocodile Bank Trust, Chennai – A Unique Effort towards Preservation of Wildlife

October 24, 2015

The Crocodile is one of the oldest organisms to have dwelled on this planet which we call our home. This prehistoric reptile has existed at least for 3 million years and hence is older in origin than some of the later dinosaur species. It has although remained an overly neglected species in terms of…

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Food of the Week : Adai

October 21, 2015

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Adai : Out of my busy schedule being a fashion designer, I always take out time for my stress buster activity and that is visiting new destinations. I have always been fascinated by local cuisines and artifacts of any given place. I shop for new stuf…

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Dakshinchitra – Experience the Real Picture of the South Indian Life

October 19, 2015

South India is one of the most unique places on earth, with varied cultures and traditions and hundreds of lifestyles, the versatility of the region is comparable to no place around the globe. People from different cultures have stayed in harmony in the region for over the entire history of civiliza…

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Travel Photo of the Week : Thousand Lights Mosque Chennai

October 13, 2015

Thousand Lights Mosque Chennai | Image Resource :

Thousand Lights Mosque Chennai : Peacefulness is obtained only through prayers and whenever I travel, I never miss my prayers. Thank Goodness! I was living close to the Thousand Lights Mosque, when I went for an official trip t…

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The Country Club Jade Beach Resort, Chennai – Spoil You with Luxury

October 10, 2015

I work extremely hard round the year and hence when I am on a vacation I do not miss any opportunity to spoil myself with luxury and comfort. I am a fan of beach resorts in particular. A peaceful mind is the perfect niche for new ideas.

For a fashion designer it is important to keep the mind fres…

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Travel Photo of the Week : Vivekananda House Chennai

October 8, 2015

Description : Chennai trip cannot be complete without paying a visit to the Vivekananda House. The beach was just opposite to the place. I felt this is the right place for experiencing solitude. Meditation was one of the things I always wanted to try in these places and I was thankful that this …

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The MGM Dizzee World, Chennai – Let Loose the Little Child inside You

October 6, 2015

Gone are the days when we could roam about in leisure along the streets in the summer heat with absolutely no worries and no responsibilities. Gone are the days when we would scream in excitement whenever we would see a new toy or a new ride in the park.

MGM Dizzee World Chennai | Image Resou…

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