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Destination of the week : Naida Caves Diu

March 31, 2014

Naida Caves Diu

Naida Caves Diu | Image Resource:

Naida Caves Diu: The Naida Caves of Diu reveal a huge network of tunnels. It is located outside the city wall of Diu Fort. The Diu Fort is the greatest attraction in Diu. You may reach the caves from the Delwada railway station which is closest to t…

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My stay place in hotel Panchmurti Diu – A comfortable stay

March 29, 2014

As we returned to my stay place in hotel Panchmurti Diu, Diu, the hotel staff welcomed us and told that the lunch was ready. The hotel was a very good choice for us. The convenient location of the hotel is the most important advantage of it. The hotel staffs are also very friendly and co-operative. …

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Nagoa Beach, Diu - For the Sun, the Sand and the Water Sports

March 26, 2014

Time was of essence while traveling from the Diu Fort to the Nagoa Beach. I certainly did not want to miss the beautiful sunset in the beach when I had chosen to evade the lighting in the fort just to be in time in the beach to catch the dimming rays of Phoebe painting the horizon in all warm shades…

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Destination of the week : Pani Kotha Diu

March 24, 2014

Pani Kotha Diu

Pani Kotha Diu | Image Resource:

Pani Kotha Diu: Pani Kotha popularly referred to as the Kala Pani is one of the major tourist attractions today. It was a prison in the British times where people who were sentenced for death penalty were kept. Today, the lighting adds beauty to the …

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Gangeshwar Temple, Diu- where the Shiva lingams were ensconced since ages

March 22, 2014

The second morning in Diu was again very promising. We were to go to the Gangeshwar Temple in the Fudam Village. The driver had already told us that it was just 3 kilometers away from the island of Diu. It is a place which is greatly revered by locals and the travelers who visited Diu. Situated alon…

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Diu Fort - An Imposing Structure That Speaks of the Colonial Portuguese Days

March 19, 2014

The morning was fresh and crisp and we had rested all through the journey, so the moment we stepped on Diu soil there was a spring in our steps. Since our commute to the Diu Fort was already taken care of, we did not have to look for vehicles to proceed to the same. All we had to do was carry our mi…

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Destination of the week : Daman Bom Jesus Church

March 19, 2014

Daman Bom Jesus Church

Daman Bom Jesus Church | Image Resource:

Daman Bom Jesus Church: Bom Jesus Church of Daman was built in the early 17th century. The ornate carvings and intricate building is a clear depiction of the Portugese architecture. It has a lofty ceiling and thoroughly decorated interiors. I…

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My Bus Travel from Surat to Diu by Jay Khodiyar Travels (Surat) - The Bus Journey That Made My Beauty Sleep Possible

March 15, 2014

‘KS Creations or Ketki Shah’s work has been acclaimed as India’s top contribution to the International fashion scene’ and the thunderous applause is deafening. Meanwhile somebody was yelling close to my ears- ‘wake up’ was all that I heard. I was instantly brought back to reality and my favorite dre…

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Camel Trekking Safari - The Journey And The Preparation

March 12, 2014

I am a fashion designer by profession but have always enjoyed travelling to different places. I believe that travelling opens up new channels of thought and helps you think beyond the usual. Travelling usually gives me new fashion ideas. I guess one of the most enjoyable and mind soothing experience…

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